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Interlibrary loan and document delivery service

Interlibrary Loan and document delivery service

During Christmas holidays 2019 Interlibrary loan and document delivery service will be closed from December 24
- Provincial Interlibrary loan will resume as normal from Monday, December 30
- National/International Interlibrary loan will resume as normal from Tuesday, January 7

Biblioteca Panizzi, via Farini, 3 I - 42121 Reggio Emilia ITALIA
Tel.: +39 0522 456083 Fax: +39 0522 456081
Service manager:
Lucia Bagnoli - Tel. +39 0522 456083
Staff members
Daniela Bonilauri - Tel. 0522 456064
Sebastiano Bertolini – Tel. 0522 456068

Lending policy
With this service the Panizzi library accepts to supply any other Italian or foreign library, on loan or in photocopy, copies of its own publications, certainly those currently published, and wherever possible retrospectively. When a loan is not possible the Panizzi library will supply the requesting library with photocopies of the original documents. The loan period for books is 1 month from the date of shipping. In urgent cases the requesting library can be granted a renewal of the loan. In any case the total loan period must not exceed 2 months.

The service is available only for libraries, individual readers should refer to their local library.
Requests should be sent by form. We accept IFLA forms.
The borrowing library should check, and where necessary complete, the bibliographic details of the requested item - author, title, date, journal, publisher, etc…
Requesting libraries should keep a record of all requests, all requests should have a reference number.
In case of loans of original copies , all possible effort shall be made to ensure that no alternative loanable copy is available within the country requesting the loan.

The requesting library accepts responsibility for:
Returning items by due date
Returning item by registred post
Rrefunding Panizzi Library of borrowing costs

The Panizzi library accepts the responsibility for:
Supplying the requested item within two weeks from receiving request
Giving immediate notice when a request cannot be satisfied.
Giving immediate notice when a request is likely to be seriously delayed.

From the moment the Panizzi library despatches an item to a requesting library until its return, the requesting library shall normally be responsible for any loss or damage occurred, and shall refund the Panizzi library the fully estimated cost of such item.

In order to cover lending and shipping costs the Panizzi Library will charge borrowing libraries accordingly
Lending charges
Refund for shipping costs :
from 6 to 10 International Reply Coupons
We accept Nr.½ IFLA voucher for one loan.
Coupons should be sent with returned items.

Document delivery
Refund for shipping costs :
2 International Reply Coupons

Refund for photocopying
1 Reply Coupon for 10 photocopies A4 size
2 Reply Coupons for 10 photocopies A3 size
4 Reply Coupons for 10 A4 size reproductions by electronic scanner (for old or rare books)
6 Reply Coupons for 10 A3 reproductions by the electronic scanner.
We accept Nr.1 IFLA voucher for 15 A4 size photocopies.
Coupons should be sent with returned items.

Biblioteca Panizzi, via Farini 3, 42121 Reggio Emilia, Italy
Fax: +39 0522 456081